Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It has been quite a while since I posted anything.  So here is the newest member of our family.

Meet Jordan Dale Klier! He was born July 28th. He weighed 7lb, 8oz. and was 21inches long.

All of his siblings adore him.  We are very blessed by the goodness of our God!

My mom has been here helping us and she seems smitten as well.


  1. Jess, what a precious little boy! I think he looks a lot like Sam at this age. What a sweet blessing from God! I love the family picture as well! You look great!
    Where did you get those shirts for the kiddos? They're so cute.
    I love you all so much and can't wait to meet my new little nephew as well as see everyone else. Give kisses and hugs to everyone from Auntie Cola.

  2. CONGRATS! Jordan is a beautiful baby and I love the namesake for your Dad. Very sweet.

    God bless you guys!

  3. How wonderful, Jess! He's beautiful. Congratulations to you guys!
    It's great to see pictures of all the youngsters!

  4. Congratulations you guys! What a sweetie, and what a great family photo! (How did you get such a GOOD one?? My kids won't stay still or be normal for family pictures...)

  5. He's so cute! I love that he's wearing the same outfit Noah wore all the time when he was first born! I love you!

  6. what do your kid's shirts say?

  7. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! We are certainly enjoying our little cutie!

    Cola, We got the shirts at Universal Studios in Orlando.

    Stef, The shirts say,"Thing 1,2,3,4" we tried to find thing 5 but they didn't carry one.

  8. Thank you for sharing pictures of your Beautiful Family and Newest addition Jordan....He's so handsome!! So glad to hear that everything went well!! You look great Mama!! xoxo, Clattie

  9. Jess - you look fantastic and Jordan is too cute! What a great family picture:)